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If you own a motorcycle or recreational vehicle (including a segway, golf cart, ATV, snowmobile, wave runner, motor home or travel trailer) chances are that you’ve made a significant investment in these vehicles. Entirely aside from the fact that carrying insurance for any sort of vehicle that you may own is mandatory in Pennsylvania,New Jersey and Delaware, it only makes sense that you’d want to protect your investment by having adequate insurance.

However, there are some issues which are unique to these specific types of vehicles and call for some consideration beyond the standard comprehensive, collision and third party liability insurance that you’d carry on a car, truck or van. There are some specialized types of insurance that you’ll want to think about.

Like all of the other vehicles insured, the issue comes down to getting the best possible coverage at the lowest possible cost. We recommend full coverage for newer vehicles, high value vehicles, antique and collectible vehicles. Full coverage includes comprehensive and collision, towing, rental reimbursement, trip interruption, trailers, accessories, just to name a few optional coverages.

Finally you can keep your insurance costs down, whether it’s a motorcycle, segway, golf cart, ATV, snowmobile, wave runner, motor home travel trailer or RV policy, by installing security devices like alarms, GPS tracking and of course, a secure place to park. Keep these pointers in mind as we shop for your insurance. We will be able to find a policy that gives you the coverage you need at a price which fits perfectly into your budget.


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