Being Yourself = $$$ (Yep, that’s all there is to it!)

Any car owner knows that driving a personal vehicle comes with plenty of extra costs–fuel, registration, inspection, repairs. Most of these fees are unavoidable, but your car insurance doesn’t have to be.

You’ve probably heard that old adage, “when companies compete, customers win?” Well, it certainly holds true for auto insurance.  As the number of insurance companies grows steadily, insurers seek to differentiate themselves from their competition. One way they do this is by adding new discounts. Naturally, these discounts are often kept on the down-low and hidden under a mountain of fine print. Luckily for all of us, Bankrate has methodically compiled a list of the most popular car insurance discounts among the ten largest auto insurers in America. Check them out below:


1. Multiple Policies

Discounts for bundling car insurance with other policies (such as homeowners’ insurance) through the same insurer.

2. Good Student

Discounts for younger drivers with good grades (ask your insurance company for the specific GPA required to get this discount)

3. Multivehicle

Discounts for insuring more than one vehicle with the same company.

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4. Anti-theft

Discounts for cars with built in anti-theft device(s), such as a car alarm system.

5. Passive Restraint

Discounts for cars with safety features such as airbags and motorized seat belts.

6. Safe Driver/Accident Free

Discounts for drivers with a clean driving record

7. Full Payment

Discounts for policyholders who pay their yearly or biyearly premium all at once (without monthly payments)

8. Paperless Billing/Automatic Payment

Discounts for policyholders who choose to receive correspondence from their insurer via e-mail, and/or policyholders who opt to have their monthly premium payment taken directly out of their checking/savings account.

9. Distant Student

Discounts for young drivers on a shared policy attending school far away from home (check with your insurance company for the exact distance necessary to qualify for this discount)

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10. Low Mileage 

Discounts for keeping mileage down (electronic mileage monitoring may be required to qualify for this discount)

11. Defensive Driver

Discounts for drivers who have taken a defensive driving course (this discount is sometimes limited to senior drivers)

12. Anti-Lock Breaks

Discounts for vehicles with anti-lock brakes.

13. Loyalty

Discounts for policyholders who stay with their insurance company for a (individually specified) length of time.

14. Newer Vehicle

Discounts for vehicles that are under a (individually-specified) number of years old

15. Early Signing

Discounts for policyholders who switch to a new carrier if the shopping process (i.e. quote request) began at least a (individually-specified) number of days before their old policies expire.

16. Military

Discounts for drivers who are or have been in the U.S. military.

17. Affinity/Occupational

Discounts for belonging to a certain group or working for a certain company/in a particular field.

18. Daytime Running Lights
Discounts for vehicles with daytime running lights.

19. Green Vehicle

Discounts for hybrids or alternative-fuel vehicles


It is important to remember that not all insurance companies have these discounts available, and discounts vary  by location. Finding all of the discounts you qualify for may require some exploration of buying guides from state insurance departments, medai reviews of companies’ offerings and research by industry groups like the Insurance Information Institute. However, if you haven’t recently reviewed your auto policy, you may be missing out on some great savings. If you need help finding out which discounts you may qualify for, you can call or e-mail Agency by the Mall and speak with one of our friendly and experienced agents.

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