Agency By the Mall | TAGSAt Agency by the Mall, we offer a wide variety of tag services. Below is a list of the tag services we offer. If you have any questions about our service offers, feel free to CONTACT US.

Auto Tag Services and More

Buying a car for a PA resident is very specific:

  • Buyer must have a PA license.
  • Buyer must pay for title transfer, TAG, registration and tax.
  • Buyer must have PA auto insurance (which we can provide on the spot).
  • PA title must be notarized or seller must accompany buyer to our office.

Instant, On the Spot:

  • Auto Tags*
  • Truck Tags
  • Motorcycle Tags
  • Trailer Tags
  • Bus Tags
  • Motorhome Tags
  • Intransit Tags (for transport out of state)
  • Car Registration
  • Motorcycle Registration
  • Truck Registration
  • Trailer Registration
  • Replacement of lost, stolen or damaged tag, registration and/or sticker

Fast Tags

  • Vanity Tags
  • Boat Tags
  • Antique Tags
  • Classic Tags
  • Permanent Trailer Tags
  • Specialty Tags
  • Handicap Placards

It is easy and convenient to visit Agency by the Mall, where all of these services are available in one place. If you need to change your auto insurance, we can do that too!

One stop shopping saves money and time, stop by Agency by the Mall. Come in, sit down, let’s talk!


*In-state renewal of registration for a car (not motorcycle, RV, truck, etc.) is $61, and you will receive your card and sticker on the spot. Replacement of a lost sticker or card costs $35, and you will receive your replacement on the spot.

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