What a Nuisance!

On this rainy day, it only seems appropriate to blog about flooding. I’m sure you’ve noticed the violent storms we’ve been having lately (how could you not?) and wondered what on earth is going on to cause such dangerous weather. Well, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has an explanation, but you won’t like it.

Like most negative things lately, we can chalk up the pounding rain to global warming. That’s right; when sea levels rise, storms follow. Believe it or not, what we’ve been experiencing falls under the category of “nuisance flooding,” i.e. flooding that causes public inconveniences (road closures, compromised infrastructure, and overwhelmed storm drains, etc.) but is not severe enough to injure or kill anyone.

Image courtesy of NOAA

Most people (if not all) have experienced a nuisance flood at least once in their lifetime–basement flooding and clogged storm drains are more often than not results of nuisance flooding. These events have been occurring increasingly frequently ever since the 1960s, mainly on the East Coast. Today, nuisance flooding caused by rising sea levels is 300% to 925% more common than in the 60s. Says Dr. William Sweet of NOAA: “it no longer takes a strong storm or hurricane to cause flooding. Flooding now occurs with high tides in many locations due to climate-related sea level rise…and the loss of natural barriers. The effects…are only going to become more noticeable and much more severe.”

But it gets worse. Philadelphia is one of the top 10 U.S. cities with an increase in nuisance flooding, with an increase of 650% since 1960! Looks like you couldn’t make a better investment than flood insurance right now.

Standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding, so you’ll have to buy it separately through the National Flood Insurance Program. Homeowners, renters, and businesses are all eligible. Find out more about and/or start an application for flood insurance at Agency by the Mall or call us at 610-543-3113. And stay dry!

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